List of clients

JP Carrier's clients:

* Jazz At Lincoln Center
* Elevator Repair Service
* St. Anns Warehouse
* New York Theater Workshop
* Accinosco, Inc.
* The Wooster Group
* Steeldeck, Inc.
* Company XIV
* Playwrights Horizon
* Daedalus
* Empire Entertainment
* Sarah Michelson
* Radiohole

JP Carrier has shipped to:

* The Walker Center, Minneapolis, MN
* On the Boards, Seattle, WA
* The Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH
* American Cancer Society, Washington, DC
* Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburg, PA
* Houston Society for the Performing Arts, Houston, TX

Jony Perez is also an experienced stage hand, carpenter, and rigger.


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