Contact info and rates
Jony S. Perez, owner/operator
tel: (917) 975-4444
fax: (718) 567-3569
e-mail: JONYSPE (at)
Hourly Rate
Pick-Up Truck
$65 / Hour
Sprinter Van
$75 / Hour
18' Box Truck
$90 / Hour
24' Box Truck
$100 / Hour
26' Box Truck
$110 / Hour
All Vehicles Have A Minimum 3 Hour Call

(Please note: starting in 2016 there will be a $10/hour increase to all rates)

Price Includes
Driver assists with load, off-load, and technical support.
Always: Ratchet Straps, Furniture Dollies, Hand-Truck, Packing Blankets.
Inquire: Pallet Jack, J-Bar, Plastic Packing Wrap.
Additional Fees and Costs
Administrative Fee $25 (once per invoice).
Overnight Storage $100 / Night.
Cargo/Liability Insurance $250 (Can be waived).
Tolls You will be charged for all tolls applicable.
National Holidays $100 Flat-Rate Charge.
Overtime 00:00 - 06:00 $25 / Hour

An invoice will be e-mailed to the client, in order to help save Mother Earth.
A hard copy of the invoice can be provided upon the client's request.


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